Modellbau mit maximaler Innovation!

U-Boat rc conversion kits

Until today I've developed an own basic diving system and two different fittings
for Revell Skipjack Class and Bronco Type XXIII submarine.
In order that those two model kits can be converted into a suitable RC static submersible U-Boat model.
In addition to a new drive concept to exclude electromagnetic interference in the pressure hull,
special emphasis was placed on the simplest possible assembly of the handmade components
and uncomplicated diving behavior of the model submarine.
Additional security is provided through an operated on- off-switch from outside.
The biggest advantage: You can use two U-Boats with one basic diving system.
You need only the specific hull and the corresponding fitting!

Basic-Divingsystem (ARTR)

Fittings Skipjack Class 1/72

Fittings Typ XXIII 1/35